Portraiture photography has come a long way from the old ridged posed images we see of our Parents and Grandparents. Today’s Photographers have the job of conveying each individuals personality through a still image, sometimes incorporating objects and movement to create the perfect shot.

When you book Victoria as your Photographer she wants to create a piece of artwork and record a slice of history which you can keep and treasure forever.  Vicky is chosen by families who understand the true value of making a memory a work of art to hang on your walls and give as gifts to those you love.

Sessions can take place at a location of your choice rather than in a studio (although studio style photographs can be captured on home visits), so that you and your family are comfortable and relaxed which in turn creates natural photographs. Sessions give you a variety of solo, couple and group shots to chose your favourite images from, which can then be mounted, framed, printed onto canvas, acrylic, wood or metal to give you  a truly stunning and unique piece of art for your home or as a gift.