Wedding Albums / Books

Albums can be decided upon before the Wedding or after the proofs have been viewed. Each Album is designed specifically for each couple which results in no two Albums ever being the same.

There are two main types of Album - A traditional matted Album, where the images are displayed underneath black or white bevelled mounts. Or a Digital Art Album, where the images are mounted onto white board and cover the entire page from edge to edge in a magazine style format. Both styles of Album can be laid out in a number of ways, the most popular being the 'Story Book' style where the photos tell the story of the day as it unfolds. The couple choose all the final Album images from the proof selection. Extra art work can be added to images specifically for the Album if required.

There are many different styles, formats and sizes of Album. An upgrade price list is available on request. The initial Wedding Fee includes a 9" x 9" Album containing up to 56 images and can be upgraded to 80 images for as little as £100. Parent and guest Albums are available as extras and start at £150 for 1 x A4 or 2 xA5 Parent Albums (Traditional & Digital) and £150 for 4 x A6 Hard backed Gift Albums (Digital only). Digital Parent and Gift Albums must be ordered along with the main Digital Wedding Album as they will be smaller duplicate copies of the main Album.