Wedding Products

There are many products available to show off your images and make a fantastic piece of artwork for your home or as a gift.

As well as Albums Photosphere Photography can offer you many things from Framed artwork to 3D Acrylic wall mounted images. Prices start as follows:

Gift Vouchers:

Now-a-days many people find it hard to create a Wedding List for guests to choose and buy gifts from. Here at Photosphere there are many forms of Gift Vouchers on offer. Wedding Gift Vouchers enable you, the Bride & Groom, to have that dream Album upgrade or a fantastic framed print, gift Albums for Parents & Bridal Party members or endless re-prints of your favourite images from your day all at no extra cost to you.

Gift vouchers are personalised for the couple and start from £10. 

All vouchers can be used on any products in the Wedding section. The vouchers are recorded at Photosphere so should they go missing they are still redeemable.

Framed signed mount Photograph from your Wedding Day

A stunning frame which will contain a Photograph of the couple from the Wedding Day and a mount which will be displayed at the Wedding Reception Venue for guests to sign. The finished product will then be gift wrapped and delivered to the Bride & Groom on their return from their Honeymoon. Prices from £100. 


Albums upgrades:

Traditional matted Main Album upgrade from £100

Traditional matted 14" x 11" Album from  the Spicer Hallfield range from £250

Digital Albums from the Spicer Hallfield range from £300

Digital Albums from the Sim 2000 Imaging range from £300

Parent Albums from £150

Mini Albums - vary in size & cost depending on style of main Album.

DVD Slideshow

All the images (or a selection) from your Wedding day on a DVD slideshow set to music presented in a Spicer Hallfield case. *This is a non printable disc.

Prices from £100


Framed artwork

This can be one or multiple images encased in a number of stunning mounts and frames

from £50 *including photographs and delivery

Canvas artwork etc starting at 18"x12" including delivery (many different sizes available including smaller than 18"x12")

Canvas prints from £100

Stretched canvas wrapped onto a 2" thick redwood frame

Block mounted from £110

Your image is block mounted onto a 12mm-18mm base board to give it a modern twist

Classic Aluminium block from £120

The Aluminium mount is cool, sleek and tremendously stylish. Your image will be mounted onto a Dibond Aluminium sheet

Silver brushed Aluminium block from £135

The same as a Classic Aluminium mount, however your image will be printed onto silver inkjet paper before it is mounted onto the Aluminium sheet Single

Acrylic from £180 - 20"x16"

Your image in acrylic to give a 3D feel and a truly stunning piece or artwork for your wall